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Equip & Train

WHEN: Monday, February 24th from 7-9pm

WHERE: College of Eastern Idaho in Idaho Falls

WHAT: An evening of equipping with tools of discipleship for all Vision 2020 participating congregations

HOW: Text the word, "train" to 208-858-3062

WHO: Church leaders - Staff - Lay Leadership - Future Leaders - Potential Leaders

WHAT ELSE: Coffee and donuts :-)

WHY: We know that Jesus told His followers to go and make disciples (Matt 28:19-20), but sometimes the task seems daunting. Sometimes we feel ill-equipped for the job. As we continue to plan and move closer to the Vision 2020 city-wide evangelistic event, it is our responsibility to offer training to local congregations. Not only do we want people to enter into a relationship with Jesus, but we also want to help facilitate discipleship.

The evening we have planned on the 24th is one of equipping and training. We will not tell you how to carry out discipleship. We will simply provide tools, guidance and support for you to implement the best pathway of discipleship that fits your ministry context.

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